gambar iseng iseng

new settup

my new setup

the routing :

signal chain : Bass—>soundblox multiwave bass distortion—>hot hand wah filter—>ERV microbusto—>amtech headphone amp + DI—> amp (out) Mixer (DI)

control chain : Hot hand wireless ring <====> Hot hand 3 wireles receiver ===> hot hand wah filter (sensor in) <=> (sensor out) ===> soundblox multiwave bass distortion (sensor in)

hhwfhh3mbmwbhadidwith HH3


My new setup

My new setup

cukup dua pedal aja, hot hand wah filter dan Zoom B3

alur sinyal nya Bass–>Hot Hand wah filter—>Zoom B3—>ampli

alur control nya; wireless ring motion sensor hot hand 3—>(sensor in) hot hand wah filter (Exp Out)—>control in B3



hhwriedbwdhhwried mwbd2hhwr mwbdhhwriedmwbd pro BEF PRO rencana dual PBYcable


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